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My name is Yoan Soilen and I'm the creator of STARSHIP 3D.   


You have in front you my latest 3D printed model: SN15

It is a highly detailed and accurate replica of the first successfully flown and recovered Starship built by SpaceX. 

On May 5 2021 at 22:24 UTC, Starship SN15 was the fifth fully assembled Starship to be launched.

Powered by three (3) Raptor engines, RSN 54, 61 and 66, SN15 was a new iteration with numerous improvements compared to its predecessors . It successfully launched in an overcast weather all the way up to 10km (33,000 ft). It softly landed after 5min 59secs of flight.

This model took about 9 months to design using only public pictures available on social media and Patreons. Some of the details and functions are obviously still at the state of speculation amongst the space community.

The STL files are available for purchase on my website. You can also order a 3D printed model.


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