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This upgrade includes 3 upgraded parts and 5 new parts.

Several sections will need to be completely reprinted in order to achieve the upgrade.


On March 30 2021 at 13:00 UTC, Starship SN11 was the fourth fully assembled Starship to be launched.

Powered by three (3) Raptor engines, RSN 46, 47 and 52, SN11 successfully launched in a heavy fog all the way up to 10km (33,000 ft). It then performed the skydive/bellyflop descent maneuver

Unfortunately, During ascent, one of the Raptor caught fire. Telemetry was lost midair at T+5:49, shortly after one engine was ignited for the landing. Debris were quickly seen falling out of the sky confirming SN11 had exploded.



This model is a 1/50 scale 3D printed replica of SN11 and has been designed using dozens of pictures and videos from @Bocachicagal, @RGVaerialphotos, and countless other photographers.


It is a complex project and it is recommended that you have experience with 3D printing.

You will need a printer with a minimum bed volume of 200x200x200mm.

You will need about 3kg of silver PLA and some white and black PLA (less than a 1kg each).


Some detailed instructions are provided to help you with printing and assembling the ship (92 pages).


These files are for personal use ONLY.

STARSHIP SN10 > SN11 UPGRADE - Digital Files

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