On February 2, 2021 at 20:25 UTC, Starship SN9 was the second fully assembled Starship to be launched.

Powered by three (3) Raptor engines, RSN 45, 48 and 49, SN9 successfully launched all the way up to 10km (33,000 ft) and then performed the skydive/bellyflop descent maneuver.

Unfortunately, one of the two (2) Raptor engines failed to relight for the flip maneuver, which caused SN9 to land at high speed and experience a RUD (Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly)


This model is a 1/50 scale 3D printed replica of SN9 and has been designed using dozens of pictures and videos from @Bocachicagal, @RGVaerialphotos, and countless other photographers.


It is a complex project and it is recommended that you have experience with 3D printing.

You will need a printer with a minimum bed volume of 200x200x200mm.

You will need about 3kg of silver PLA and some white and black PLA (less than a 1kg each).


Some detailed instructions are provided to help you with printing and assembling the ship (90 pages).


These files are for personal use ONLY.

STARSHIP SN9 - Digital Download

  • - 1/50 scale

    - Dimensions: 100cm x 36cm x 18cm

    - Weight: ~2.5kg

    - Over 220 parts to assemble.

    - Over 700 hrs of printing time (29 days).

    - Some sections require over 3 days of printing.

    - Can be disassembled into 20 sections and parts once the model is complete