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My printer bed is only 180x180mm, can I still print your Starship?
You will be able to print SN15 at 1:72 scale only. Your bed will be too small for the 1:50 scale model, which has a diameter of 180mm excluding the external features like wiring, pipes, or vents. 
Printing it at an angle is not recommended either as the dome sections must be printed flat to be successful.

Can I scale your Starship down to 50%?

I do not recommend any scale down to any sizes unless you're using a smaller nozzle diameter. If you don't use a smaller nozzle, some features won't print properly or won't print at all, which will result in a print failure. The other problem is the magnets support holes won't match any standard sizes. It will results in weak bond between sections.
You could print SN15 Cutaway model at a smaller scale using a smaller nozzle diameter as it uses limited amount of magnets that could easily be substituted with glue.

What silver PLA do you recommend?

I have been using AMZ3D PLA filament which has been giving me good results but I am planning on switching to Hatchbox for its higher quality, lighter color and higher shine. For more details on which filament to use, watch the video of @Alberta3D who has been trying different filaments during his test print of SN8.

What printer do you use?

I am using two Creality3D® CR-10 V3 equipped with BLTouch bed levelling sensors and two Prusa MK3S+ i3.

My teammates who have been testing the files have been using the Voxlab Aquila, the Anycubic Mega Zero and the CR-10 V3 similar to mine.

Is this printer "insert brand and model here" good to print your Starship?

Any printers with a bed size of 200x200x200mm ( for the 1:50 scale models) or 180x180x180mm (for the 1:72 scale models) on the market could print Starship. 

What software do you use to design and print Starship?

I am using Fusion 360 for the design and Cura 4.11 for slicing the model.

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